Create a powerful, personal Legacy – today!

Listen to CBC Radio, 12:30 Pacific (3:30 EDT), to find out how.

(Vancouver – July 13, 2015) Robb Lucy, BC author of “Legacies aren’t just for dead people!” will be Gloria Macarenko’s guest on CBC Radio’s ‘BC Almanac’ today to review his book and take your phone calls. If you don’t think you’ll leave a valuable Legacy behind if you ‘went’ tomorrow, this will be a powerful half hour of radio.

BC Almanac can be heard on CBC Radio One at 690 AM/ 88.1 FM Vancouver, or online HERE.

“Most people think you have to be rich, famous or dead to leave a Legacy” says Lucy. “Wrong! Each of us has the potential to create Legacies and enjoy them now!” he says, “but we’ve never learned a formula to create those Legacies.”

Learn why AARP, CARP, Rotary International and others have endorsed Lucy’s book. Why would the VGH+UBC Hospital Foundation gave the book to their Board members and donors? “Robb gives the reader a tool – a roadmap – to ponder, probe and plan how to use our gifts and skills to have meaningful impact in the world” said Barbara Grantham, President and CEO. “How wonderful a gift this is.”

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In a world searching for a ‘formula’ to be happy, Lucy says it’s inside all of us. When we start using the tools each of us have, Legacies and happiness come easily.

Lucy’s book is available at and at Black Bond Books and the Book Warehouse in the lower mainland.

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