OK, it’s now February 3rd. Here’s what we said yesterday:

“Today, February 2nd, I’d like to give you a gift as we launch a new version of my book: “How Will You be Remembered? A Guide for Creating and Enjoying your Legacies Now.” on The book has already received great reviews:”

How will you be remembered

“A must read…” AARP
“A terrific book…” Rotary International
“A treasure chest of ideas…” The Leadership Challenge
“I highly recommend this book!” Make-A-Wish Foundation International
“A masterful book… An inspirational and entertaining read… Robb’s passion shines through… Three thumbs up!” Reviews on

We’re going to carry over yesterday’s offer till later today… and here’s what it is:

SPECIAL PRICE: The book is not $19.88, but only $12.88.

FREE GIFT: After buying the paper book today from Amazon, just email your Amazon receipt to [email protected]… and we’ll send you an e-book version. You can use the print copy or e-book as a gift.

Essentially, each book will cost about six bucks each. Not bad for some life-changing ideas…

This offer will come down later today. Just head to AMAZON.

Oh… just an idea, but consider getting a few for birthday and Christmas presents. Brilliant!