Hey Buddy, Got A Minute…?

So, what are chances of your time running out!

chapter 4In his latest HUFFINGTON POST entry, Robb Lucy wonders how much time he’s got left? You know…. to do stuff! To connect to others. To make a mark. To use and develop those talents and skills that all of us have. To be happier.

Learn about your pesky clock… and a herd of water buffalo HERE.


Lucy’s book, “Legacies aren’t just for dead people”, has been recommended by AARP, CARP, Rotary International and a growing list of Foundations.

The book can be found at amazon.com in print and Kindle versions, at Black Bond Books and the Book Warehouse in BC’s lower mainland.

For more information on the book, Robb’s speaking engagements, or his production company’s help in collecting your family’s Legacy stories, contact: [email protected]