Florida money guy calls “Legacies aren’t just for dead people” a ‘masterful book.’

Scott Farnsworth of Harmony, Florida, is a lawyer, a certified Financial Planner, and a ‘tax free’ retirement expert. He teaches financial planners that most of their clients’ ‘Legacy’ planning has nothing to do with money.

“Legacy has more to do with ‘story'” said Farnsworth, “and Lucy’s book nails it.”

Robb’s book outlines an elegant three-step process to create your Legacies, Now.” says Farnsworth.

“It’s chock-full of practical suggestions and real-life examples of how to actually get these steps done. The result? A life of abundance, filled with greater energy, happiness, and self-awareness. Deeper passion and fiercer purpose. More powerful connections with those we love. More fulfillment, more meaning, more fun. Who knew that contemplating and acting on our future legacies could make our lives today so much richer?”  

Farnsworth’s full statement can be found on his blog.

“Scott is leading the financial services sector in teaching that people’s money is only a small part of their Legacies” said Robb Lucy, author of Legacies aren’t just for dead people. “He knows that our Legacies, created and enjoyed now, can be a rich part of our lives.”

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