Not rich, famous or dead? Then get connected and happy.

Legacies aren’t just for dead peopleThat’s the promise of Vancouver author Robb Lucy’s new book “Legacies aren’t just for dead people!”.  And after a very successful book signing event, Black Bond Books and the Book Warehouse in Vancouver’s lower mainland have enthusiastically agreed to stock Lucy’s book.

“I’m delighted Black Bond has taken the book” says Lucy, “as they know there’s a  very large audience who will really enjoy this step-by-step system to create their personal Legacies… and put a smile on their face today!”

black bondbook warehouse



Black Bond has seven stores around B.C.’s lower mainland, and there are two Book Warehouse locations. Endorsements for the book have been very positive:

“… A must read to live a more fulfilling life!” AARP

“… Easy to read, great stories, a terrific book.” Rotary International

“…This book is packed with insights, humour and practical guidance.” CARP

“Legacies aren’t just for dead people” is also available in soft cover and Kindle versions at

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