Rotary International recommends first time, non-Rotarian Vancouverite author around the world.

(Vancouver, B.C. – June 1)  Rotary International has recommended a new Canadian author and non-Rotarian’s first book to its members in Bermuda, Canada, France, Russia and the United States.  The book is “Legacies aren’t (just) for dead people”, written by Vancouverite Robb Lucy.

Capture1“I couldn’t believe how the book caught my interest” said past RI President Wilf Wilkinson. “Lucy explains how beneficial our Legacies would be to future generations and how easily one can get started. The book is easy to read, has a humorous touch, great sketches, and a sense of urgency that makes the reader want to do something. This is a terrific book.”

“The book emphasizes you don’t have to wait for your eulogist to tell you what your Legacies are” says Lucy. “You don’t have to be rich, or famous… or dead. Enjoy a variety of your Legacies now.”

This is Lucy’s first book after a career of journalism, private production and non-profit development (Make-A-Wish Foundation, sports history, literacy and prostate cancer awareness).

“I found that people are yearning to make a mark” said Lucy, “And no one knows ‘Legacy’ like Rotarians do, and I thank them for their recommendation. The book teaches the reader how to create Legacies – for your family, your community, or the world.”

In the newsletter to Rotarians, Legacy is defined as ‘something you create that connects you to people, enhances your lives, and makes you happy – Now.’ 

Lucy’s book has been recognized by a variety of Canadian and U.S. organizations, and can be found at Black Bond Books in B.C., and in print and Kindle form at

For more information, contact:
Robb Lucy