The Legacy Coach to speak at Delta libraries

“How will you be remembered?” asks producer and author Robb Lucy. “And if you ‘went’ tomorrow, will you leave a legacy that will continue to enhance other lives?” These are the questions Lucy will ask, and answer,┬áin presentations at all three Delta public libraries this week.

Lucy, author of ‘Legacies aren’t just for dead people’, will confirm a person doesn’t have to be famous or dead to leave a legacy. “And you don’t have to be rich either” he says.

The key to creating your legacies now, says Lucy, is to use your ‘signature strengths’, in line with your values. “Legacy building connects you to others” says Lucy, “and simply makes you happier.”

Lucy says that after just one of this week’s presentations a person will have enough knowledge to create a powerful legacy for their family.

Details and dates of the presentations can be found in Saturday’s Delta Optimist.

For more information, contact [email protected]