sfuThis fall, 2016, I’m teaching a course called “Sharing Your Legacy Through Digital Storytelling” at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, B.C. The first class sold out immediately. So did the second. Seems like there’s a bit of interest…

The students are all 55+. Almost ALL of them come in not knowing what of their life’s stories they want to tell… nor How to tell it. Our goal over 9 weeks is to have them pick their story, structure it, write it… and then finally produce a short video of that story. It’s a big journey for all of them.

As of today, students are sending me their story’s suggested structure… and if they’re real confident, the script written from that structure.

Here’s the point of this musing:  I’ve learned why I think teachers teach. It’s because they occasionally affect lives.

Julie came into the class, 60 years old, not knowing what her story was. She’s smart, articulate… but was very unsure IF she had a story and HOW she would tell it.

I just got this email from her. I’m delighted because I think Julie’s going to tell a great story. She’s going to grow… and me with her.

Please take a look at my small offering.
Thank you for teaching me how to frame all the broken, little pieces of my life. The structures have forced me to think linearly and laterally. Above all, it has also forced me to explore all the different voices I heard culturally, socially and from family of origin.
Now, by learning how stories can be told for permanence, I have started myself on a precarious journey of no return. It will also take a lot of courage for me to see myself for who I am.
Please comment and advise.


I gave Julie some feedback. I suggested she tell us about the three roles she’s taken in her life… and the three voices she’s spoken with.

When she’s done her first video story… would you like to see it?

Robb Lucy
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