Rage (& smile) into the dying of the light!

With apologies to Dylan Thomas… that’s what the Boomers I know are doing. Ya, we’re in our 60’s now… but 60 is the new 40 (35?). And how will we be remembered? Well, in all sorts of ways. We intend on enjoying our legacies with our Gen X and Millennial offspring… and their kids… and […]

A little girl… and a legacy of more story tellers.

Canada’s story teller is gone. But the stories will continue. For you non-Canucks, Stuart Mclean was our beloved story teller, most recently on CBC radio’s ‘The Vinyl Café’. He knew how to find, build and tell stories that will linger in our minds. A story: We were colleagues and producers of CBC Radio’s coverage of […]


This fall, 2016, I’m teaching a course called “Sharing Your Legacy Through Digital Storytelling” at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, B.C. The first class sold out immediately. So did the second. Seems like there’s a bit of interest… The students are all 55+. Almost ALL of them come in not knowing what of their life’s […]

Stories found. Doors opened.

So, I wrote a book. I know… you might say big deal, lots of us have written books. But this one has taken others to places they’d never visited. It also opened a wide door for me. The subject? A very big, tough-to-grapple-with subject: Legacy. And it’s not about giving away a bunch of money […]

The Rule Glitters Like Gold!

I was raised as a good Catholic kid. I was an altar boy, a choirboy, and a boy scout selling Christmas trees with frozen hands on those freezing December evenings to benefit the church. For a while I thought ‘Father Robb’ is what I would become. It all ended in grade seven. What caused me […]

Hey Buddy… Got a Minute?

When I got a call from my doctor saying “You’ve got cancer”, it made me a whole lot more aware of the clock. Let’s call it “The Legacy Clock.” ‘Legacy’? Huh? Isn’t making legacies just for rich, famous or dead people? Uh, no. Actually, legacies are all about ‘story’. In my last two posts we […]

Don’t Let Their Stories Disappear!

I saw my father cry twice. The first time was just after my mother died. The next time was when I was gathering the stories of his WWII experiences. I was collecting those stories because I didn’t want them to go away. I wanted generations from now to know who their great, great, great grandfather […]

You’re dead. And your Legacy is…?

Picture this: You’ve got friends over for dinner, and you’re just about to tuck into a delicious desert. The conversation has been energetic and positive. And then you ask “If you were taken away (‘died’, ‘bit the bullet’, ‘croaked’) tomorrow, what do you think your legacy would be?” I’ll bet many of your friends will […]