Foreword Clarion Review calls Legacy book “a motivational manual for the Boomer generation.”

A new Foreword/Clarion Review calls Robb Lucy’s book “Legacies aren’t just for dead  people” a ‘motivational manual for the Boomer generation’ and ‘a step-by-step guide toward self discovery.’ Foreword says ‘the book enthusiastically reframes the most common idea of Legacy’ and ‘with ideas drawn to encourage and challenge’ the book presents ‘an uplifting view of […]

Make-A-Wish International recommends Lucy’s Legacy primer.

The largest wish granting organization in the world, Make-A-Wish International, has recommended Robb Lucy’s new book “Legacies aren’t (just) for dead people”. It’s the “perfect introduction to understanding your legacy” says the review on “This book is an easy to read account of understanding legacies” said Jon Stettner, CEO of Make-A-Wish International. “The story telling keeps […]

SFU launches Legacy story-telling workshop based on Robb Lucy’s book.

Students 55+ will learn to create their own Legacy ‘movie’. (Vancouver B.C. February 4, 2016) Simon Fraser University’s Continuing Education program will offer a course on Legacy story production for adults 55+ based on BC author Robb Lucy’s new book “Legacies aren’t just for dead people.” This 10 week workshop will begin Feb. 24. “Robb […]

New Personal Legacy Book Profiled in Lower Mainland Papers

(Delta, B.C. – October 19, 2015) Black Press Community News Media is profiling the new book “Legacies aren’t just for Dead People” by B.C. author Robb Lucy in five of its online papers: The Langley Times, Maple Ridge News, Peace Arch News, Surrey Leader and the BCLocalNews. Founded in 1975, Black Press now publishes more than 170 titles in BC, […]

A how-to for your Trick or Treat Decision.

MY HUFFINGTON POST UNWRAPS YOUR VOTE. If you’re of a certain age… you might remember being let loose in the neighborhood on Halloween night around 6pm, filling one pillow case with teeth-rotting goodies, then going home for another. Over the next few weeks all that candy became an indecipherable pile of ‘blah’. You were sick […]


(Vancouver – October 14, 2015) The Prostate Cancer Foundation BC has chosen “Legacies aren’t (just) for dead people“**, a new book by author Robb Lucy, as a donation gift until Christmas. The book is available free to anyone who makes a $150.00 donation to the Foundation until December 25th. “During a man’s prostate cancer journey, […]

Hey Buddy, Got A Minute…?

So, what are chances of your time running out! In his latest HUFFINGTON POST entry, Robb Lucy wonders how much time he’s got left? You know…. to do stuff! To connect to others. To make a mark. To use and develop those talents and skills that all of us have. To be happier. Learn about your pesky […]

Whose story don’t you want to disappear?

In his latest Huffington Post entry, Robb Lucy explains how capturing some of your family’s stories isn’t as difficult as you think! Would you like to know more about your great, great grandparents and the lives they led? After all, they’re the reason you’re here! Read the Huffington Post story of heroism HERE…and learn how […]

‘The Legacy Guy’ joins The Huffington Post

(Vancouver – Sept. 3, 2015) The Huffington Post has accepted Robb Lucy, ‘The Legacy Guy’, as a new blogger, and has published his first story HERE. “I’m delighted to have a chance to be in front of tens of millions of people that read the Huffington Post daily” said Lucy. “I’ll be writing on Legacy […]

‘The Legacy Guy’ signs with Keynote Speakers Canada

Robb Lucy joins Keynote’s stable of speakers. (Vancouver – July 28, 2015) Christine Beaumaster, founder of Keynote Speakers Canada, announces the signing of Robb Lucy, author of “Legacies aren’t just for dead people”, to be exclusively represented by Keynote Speakers Canada. “Robb’s book is a fabulous read that will change many lives” said Beaumaster, “and […]